Harris Vincent Gallery

Harris Vincent Gallery - We Restore Legends! Vincent Motorcycle for Sale!

Harris Vincent Gallery - We Restore Legends! Vincent Motorcycle for Sale!

Harris Vincent Gallery - We Restore Legends! Vincent Motorcycle for Sale!Harris Vincent Gallery - We Restore Legends! Vincent Motorcycle for Sale!

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 The Harris Vincent Gallery, located in Round Rock, Texas, custom builds and restores original Vincent HRD motorcycles. We source original parts and manufacture new parts to exact specifications to maintain authenticity. We also sell original racing trophies, motorcycle magazines and books, and other memorabilia.


We Restore Legends

Custom Built Restorations of Vincent and Vincent HRD Motorcycles, authentic down to the finest detail.


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Serious motorcycle collectors and enthusiasts all over the world have heard of this old and legendary works racing bike, named “GUNGA DIN” after it was test ridden by the editor of one of the weekly motorcycle magazines in England. It got this name by being developed as a racing bike by the head tester at VINCENT, George Brown.

You might already know that it was raced at the Isle of Man, endurance raced at Montlhery, France and many, many other tracks to set world’s records and wins on the track in the hands of George Brown,

When Phil Vincent sold the company to HARPER’S, they took over the remaining assets of the company which included a worn out old racer which was neither competitive nor useful as a street bike. It remained in one of the buildings until someone, touring the properties saw and recognized it as “GUNGA”. Some photos were taken (see below) and before very long, HARPER’S decided to offer it for sale. Only one person, an American serviceman stationed in Wyoming decided that it would make a great street bike to ride on the Air Force base in Cheyenne, Wyoming (where the speed limit was 25 mph) so he bought it.

It took quite some time before the crate containing “GUNGA DIN” arrived at the base, but it arrived in early 1963. The new owner, TOM PELKEY had been a VINCENT man for some time but with a low budget. There are no “titles” on British motorcycles of that time, so Tom got around to applying for a Wyoming title in July, 1963 which was granted and still valid today. He never sold “GUNGA DIN”.

Tom soon learned that some parts were destroyed due to many hard racing miles and would have to be replaced. Other bits were so radically racing-only that they would need to be replaced with “street” parts. For example, the original cylinder heads exhaust port had not threads left to mount the exhaust. Main bearings in the cases were loose and unusable. Tom set about purchasing replacements for those race-only bits and the destroyed parts. 

By the late ‘60s, a Vincent enthusiast, Richard Garrett approached Tom and bought some of the damaged parts, including the worn out engine cases. A buyer in Chicago bought the heads, cylinders and some other bit. Garrett later sold some of these parts to Keith Hazelton. Then, some of these were sold off to others. Another person tried to track down those sold parts years later but although some were said to be found, no written records exist that these parts came from Tom Pelkey and “GUNGA”.

Tom kept his original parts and the replacement ones in his basement in Wisconsin, carefully catalogued and stored for future assembly. That day never came and the project has remained intact but, needs assembly. This offering is for only the original parts and not the replacement parts which can be purchased separately. “GUNGA DIN” awaits and as is sometimes the case, “some assembly required.”

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Hunter S. Thompson AGLI Vincent Black Shadow Vincent Motorcycle Vincent HRD Motorcycle For Sale

Hunter S Thompson / Prototype 1972 Black Shadow

Hunter S Thompson / Prototype 1972 Black Shadow

This project bike is now at H.V.G. This motorcycle was built as a prototype for an expected new VINCENT Black Shadow in the early ‘70’s. In the process of the design and build of the prototype, the bike was loaned to famous author, HUNTER S. THOMPSON who rode it around in Los Angeles for about a month. 

In his two novels, “FEAR AND LOATHING IN LAS VEGAS” and the sequel, Thompson mentions the Vincent as a beast. He wrote further about it in “The Rolling Stone.” Afterwards, Johnny Depp starred in the movie of the same name. It was truly a cult classic about the drug-crazy times of the Seventies.

Now disassembled, it boasts several prototypical features. As part of its early history, the Fear bike was raced at Bonneville Salt Flats in 1972. This bike is mostly complete but, as key parts were being ordered and dealers signed up to market it, money ran out and the project ultimately stalled.

This is a very famous bike, long thought to be lost. The widow of the original genius behind the project, Larry McEachern has preserved it all these years, and now it is available for purchase through Harris Vincent Gallery!

This special piece of history has been sold!

"Hellboy" Vincent Touring Rapide Motorcycle



Some believe there were approximately 17 built, others think perhaps 20 or 30. Whichever the number is, this is one of the most rare of all VINCENT motorcycles. Compare its production to the BLACK LIGHTNING of which there were around 33 and you can see the point. Very low production VINCENT Motorcycles are highly prized. 

This particular RAPIDE, nicknamed “Hellboy” by its owner is the winner of more major motorcycle concourses than any other recent motorcycle. If you think you might try winning at concourse, no better bike can be found than Hellboy.


  • Engine: F 10/AB/1/8662
  • Frame(s): RC 10562


Hellboy was one of two VINCENT Motorcycles in the estate of a gentleman from Georgia. As he grew older, the dream of restoring his prized red and black Touring Rapide and his BLACK SHADOW came to fade. Mr. Edwards left the two VINCENTS to his four daughters, in pieces.

The daughters sent the two bikes to HVG in 2013 and we restored both. The Hellboy is a genuine and original Touring RAPIDE with all matching numbers. Not just the usual frame and engine numbers, but the outer covers as well. The petrol tank is original to the bike as well as the front forks and mudguards. They wore the original red and black paint under a coat of brushed on black paint and so, its proof of its original colors.

Are we sure? The bike comes with a complete set of VINCENT Works documents from the Vincent Owners’ Club showing it was a “red black."

The restoration was our very best, both inside and out. This bike has a fresh engine in which we used Maughan and Sons bottom end, original but refinished Vincent camshafts and more. Everything top quality. Original DUNLOP wheels and to top it off, a genuine Maestas saddle. The best.

So, win trophies with it or ride it, or do both. It is what a Vincent should be.


Priced at $125k USD

ZZ 35 Vincent Motorcycle

1952 VINCENT Black Shadow “C” Series, (Restored in and out)


This “C” Black Shadow was restored to show winning condition in 2004 by HVG in a time when the Vincent market was dominated by motorcycle enthusiasts. Corresponding numbers were somewhat insignificant then and the completely redone inside of the engine was more a focus that the numbers. In the case of ZZ 35, the rear frame and engine “match” but not the UFM.

This Home-market specification Black Shadow is a fully restored example.

Its particulars are:


  • Engine no. F10AB/1B/8471
  • UFM (upper frame member) no: RC 11925 B/C
  • RFM (rear frame member) no: RC 10371 B/C
  • Case matching numbers: ZZ 35

While it is partially-matching with matching RFM and engine numbers, it was fully restored, inside and out by HVG in 2004. Since this total restoration, it has seen only 105 miles on its genuine, fully restored SMITHS 5” 150 mph speedometer. This motorcycle will require some cautious break-in miles by the new owner.

HVG bought this Shadow from an owner and restored it using correct and original parts wherever possible. 


  • MAGNETO:  LUCAS KVF magneto as produced at the Vincent works.

  • GENERATOR: MILLER 6v restored, genuine example as produced.

  • HORN: LUCAS 6v restored original unit as produced in the day.

  • WHEELS; DUNLOP 20” x WM1front, DUNLOP 19”X 2, drilled for Vincent wheel weights.

  • SADDLE; Restored by MICHAEL MAESTAS to original specs.  Mr. Maestas is considered by most to be the top saddle maker in the world for Vincent Motorcycles.

  • CARBURETORS:  Genuine, period correct AMAL type 29's with correct, long-armed AMAL float chambers; correctly stamped originals from the period.  Low speed circuit modified to run well on today’s gasoline.  Petrol tank lining is in good condition.

  • BRAKES and HUBS:  Correct finned Vincent-made Shadow drums and correct, genuine spoke flanges and hubs.


Now available and ready to ride. Will require some maintenance after 1,000 miles as well as an engine oil and filter element change.



Woodward Avenue Vincent Motorcycle

vincent motorcycle for sale, a storied  racer that ran on Detroit streets in the fifties. After languishing in pieces for over fifty years, Harris Vincent Gallery discovered and assembled this machine, returning it to its former glory for its original owner, a college student at the time.  It’s story, discovery and rebuild is chronicled as the cover bike in the Sept/Oct 2016 issue of Motorcycle Classics. This Vincent Motorcycle is for sale! Do not miss the opportunity to own this unique Vincent Motorcycle priced at $79,500. For more photos and a detailed story go to: www.woodwardavenuevincent.com

Contact: (512) 491-7609 

Customer Reviews

A true craftsman! Very high attention to detail on restorations, down to the very last paint drip! - Tyler M.

 Thank you for the recent sale of my late husband's Vincent. It took me three years to find you and traveled over 1600 miles to bring the bike to the shop, but it was all worth it! Your genuine care, patience, help, guidance, knowledge, and expertise in Vincent and so many other motorcycles is unreal! Thank you for being you, HVG! - Lori S. 

HVG restored my dad's old Vincent to museum quality! - Phyllis E.

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